About TANK - TANK Bahrain

About TANK

Brand DNA

Tank is a global luxury SUV brand launched by GWM to meet the ever-growing demand for SUVs all over the world. Created by a team of creative professionals from around the globe, Tank is a prime example of GWM’s commitment to innovation, high performance, and the delivery of breakthrough products.

This powerful, all-terrain, off-road vehicle is smartly designed to give you a safe, smooth, and exciting driving experience even on the toughest and most dangerous roads. Offering a perfect balance between luxury, high-performance, and advanced technology, this super vehicle is sure to provide you with a memorable experience on every ride.

An Independent Brand

Meeting the Increasing SUV Demand

The demand for SUVs has long been driven by users who seek safe options for off-road driving. Today, they have become more popular than ever as a safer, bigger, and more capable alternatives for sedans. As an independent brand, Tank highlights this new shift in market trends. It aims to reshape the SUV market by offering a unique blend of luxury, capability, and comfort for a seamless driving experience.

Central to GWM’s Innovation Strategy

Tank is at the heart of GWM’s innovation strategy that aims to accelerate digitization and transform the driver’s experience. As a customer-centric brand, GWM is constantly seeking to provide drivers with a “more-than-off-road” experience by delivering innovative, reliable, and outstanding models.

Drawing on GWM’s R & D excellence, manufacturing capabilities, innovative business model, and favorable brand reputation, Tank is very well-positioned to beat the competition in the SUV global market.